Police Intervene in Pride Parade

Police haven’t allowed the rights defenders and those carrying rainbow flag rallying in Beyoğlu for 15th İstanbul LGBTI+ Pride Parade to march, have detained some.

Manisa Brigadier Commander Discharged Following Food Poisoning

Following hundreds of soldiers being poisoned by food in Manisa, Brigadier Commander Colonel Şevki Güven has been relieved of duty.

Solidarity Letter from EP for Journalist Şahin Alpay

The European People’s Party in the EP has penned a letter to act in solidarity with Şahin Alpay, who has been in prison for 11 years. The other four groups had written to Kadri Gürsel, Nazlı Ilıcak, Musa Kart and Ahmet Şık in the past.

US Statement on Arrest of Berberoğlu: We’re Concerned

Concerning the arrest of CHP MP Berberoğlu, US Department of State Spokesperson Nauert has said “We’re concerned about the greater pattern of what we see as Turkish official actions that we believe appear to target people whose views differ from the views of certain members of the government”.

Man Who Attacked Women in Shorts Arrested

E.K. who assaulted Melisa Sağlam for wearing shorts, has been arrested as the public reaction has grown following being released twice.


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