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Rights-Based Journalism in Electoral Periods

Rights-Based Journalism in Electoral Periods

Workshops were held on December 11-14, 2023 within the scope of the "The Rights-based Journalism in Electoral Periods" project, financially supported by Oslo Metropolitan University (Journalism and Media International Center, JMIC) and Reporters Without Borders (RSF).

The Rights-based Journalism in Electoral Periods training, involving 11 participants, centered on
empowering local journalists from earthquake-affected regions in Turkey. 

Aimed at cultivating rights-based coverage through new media tools, the project aimed to respond to the dominance of the "ruling media" and a polarized "central opposition media" within Turkey's media landscape. It strategically examined the 2024 local elections through the lens of the significant earthquake on February 6, 2023, impacting 11 cities. The initiative aspired to amplify the voices marginalized in government-controlled mainstream media by bringing together 11 journalists for training in rights-based journalism and local election reporting. The project's immediate goal was the production of ethically responsible, rights-focused coverage, with a long-term vision of establishing a network of local journalists and rights organizations facilitated by IPS' Atölye BIA program.

At the end of the workshop, the journalists produced ethically responsible rights-based news articles covering local issues:

  • Earthquake-affected media workers in Osmaniye 'most saddened by lack of support' ack-of-support-289956

  • Challenges persist in Adıyaman 10 months after quakes

  • Is Van ready for a new earthquake?

  • No progress in Copper-smiths' Market for over five months

  • Most damaged buildings in Adana constructed over riverbeds and agricultural areas' gricultural-areas-290263

  • Women don’t feel safe in earthquake housing in Diyarbakır outskirts 290389

  • Issues of shelter, water, and food persist eleven months after the earthquake hquake-290189

  • Residents of 'moderately damaged" buildings face uncertainty in Maraş as-290448

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