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IPS Communication Foundation / bianet, SEENPM, Albanian Media Institute, Mediacentar Sarajevo, Kosovo 2.0, Montenegrin Media Institute, Macedonian Institute for Media, Novi Sad School of Journalism, Peace Institute were the partner in the project titled “RESILIENCE: Civil society action to reaffirm media freedom and counter disinformation and hateful propaganda in Western Balkans and Turkey”. The project’s had been implemented in between 2020 and 2023.

Within the scope of project, “Resilience in Journalism Articles”, which features the media criticisms on hate propaganda and disinformation written by editors working for various independent media outlets in Turkey and who have attended the “Editors for Trust” forum held in Montenegro's Njivice on October 13-16, 2021, were published both in English and Turkish at

Hate and disinformation narratives in Turkey

Who is behind hate media in Turkey?

The Factsheet on the National Regulatory and Self-Regulatory Framework Against Hate Speech and Disinformation in Turkey 

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