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Our Media

Our Media

IPS Communication Foundation/bianet is one of the partners of the "Our Media" project, which is funded by the European Union and will be active from 2023 to 2025.

"Our Media: Civil Society Movement to Promote Media Literacy and Activism, Prevent Polarization and Promote Dialogue" will last three years and will focus on the empowerment and the capacities regarding media freedom, development, and sustainability of civil society organizations (NGO), media professionals, young activists, and communities in the Balkans and Turkey.

The "Our Media" project, financed by the European Union (EU) and covering the years 2023-2025, has several partners, including:

  • the Southeast European Network for Professionalization of Media (SEENPM)
  • the Albanian Media Institute (Tirana)
  • the Media Center Foundation (Sarajevo)
  • the Kosovo Press Council
  • the Montenegro Media Institute (Podgorica)
  • the Macedonia Media Institute (Skopje)
  • the Novi Sad School of Journalism (Novi Sad)
  • the Peace Institute (Ljubljana)
  • bianet (Turkey)

The IPS Communication Foundation/bianet researcher and research coordinator, Sinem Aydınlı will oversee the project.

Scope of the project

The project will map good practices in media activism, determine main trends, risks, and opportunities related to media sustainability, and support media freedom and media and information literacy (MIL). The research findings will be used to strengthen the capacities of NGOs and other stakeholders in the media field to address the challenges they face.

The "Our Media" project will also encourage journalists, media organizations, and media institutions to recognize and utilize their capabilities. Local and national media and other actors will be stimulated to engage in media activism to address gender inequalities in the media.

The project aims to empower young leaders to oppose discrimination and sexist stereotypes and support gender equality through various activities.

The project will reach local communities by providing financial support to NGOs in urban and rural areas to improve citizens' MIL skills, support media freedom and integrity, and counter polarization resulting from propaganda, hate speech, and disinformation.

"Our Media" in numbers

The "Our Media" project aims to empower 200 NGO representatives to create effective MIL practices, reach out to at least 18 local NGOs working in urban and rural areas across six countries, and establish local connections and support them in creating MIL actions.

70 media experts and self-regulatory organizations (SRO) representatives will learn how self-regulation and ethical rules/practices can be developed in their respective countries and the Western Balkans.

15,000 young people will participate in interactive MIL tests and learn practical skills, while at least 500 people will be empowered to engage in national MIL community activities.

21 young people's (activists, workers, educators, journalists, politicians) competencies will be developed in the fields of media literacy and activism, including topics such as media freedom and integrity, media economic policies, media ecology, and digital participation. 

Difficult task in suppressed media environment: Media self-regulation in Turkey
Difficult task in suppressed media environment: Media self-regulation in Turkey
28 November 2023
Media Literacy Roundtable Meeting held at bianet
Media Literacy Roundtable Meeting held at bianet
23 January 2024
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