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Atölye BİA, run by IPS Communication Foundation/bianet, organizes workshops for journalists, unemployed journalists, communication faculty students and anyone who wants to do journalism in order to promote rights-based journalism.

Atölye BİA aims to contribute to the protection and development of rights-based journalism by emphasizing the practical demands of its participants regarding rights-based news writing, facilitating experience sharing with bianet editors, increasing internship opportunities, and reuniting them with journalists and academics were dismissed.

Atölye BİA designs the length, content and programs of its modules according to the needs and demands of its participants, with the possibility of creating a multi-disciplinary curriculum built on a self-learning structure and rights-based content. Workshop BİA programs consist of two integrated phases, basic and thematic, with more frequent and longer modules and ongoing supervision support after the modules.

The journalism, women's, children's and human rights-oriented journalism trainings organized by Atölye BİA and IPS Communication Foundation between 2002 and 2007, and the Newsroom from School programs between 2008 and 2017 were spread throughout the year and became open to anyone interested.

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