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“Three Level Tunnel Won’t Solve Traffic Like Other Projects“

Regarding Istanbul’s new project to build a three-level sub-sea tunnel, Murat Ergün, an Associate Professor at Istanbul Technical University’s (İTÜ) Civil Engineering Faculty, told bianet that traffic issues won’t be resolved with more roads.

Onur Kılıç Freed For Insulting the President

Upon a motion submitted by Progressive Lawyers Union, Onur Kılıç has been released today for charges related to insulting the president.

Kiraz Şahin, A Saturday People Member, Dies at 45

Kiraz Şahin, the wife of İsmail Şahin who was lost in 1996, lost her life last night. She was 45.

The Death of a Lion Named Aslan

The dead lion in the picture becomes not only a representation of Özgecan, but of the sacrifice of all women, anywhere in the world, who have lost their lives from the violence perpetrated against them. Who then, the crying girl? Their families, their friends, both men and women alike. Anyone who gives a damn. Anyone who wants it to change for the better.

Former Intelligence Chief Detained Within Hrant Dink Case

Ramazan Akyürek, former Chamber of Intelligence Chairman, has been detained in Ankara within the murder investigation of Hrant Dink - murdered editor-in-chief of Agos newspaper.


Gezi Resistance

  • First Year of Gezi Resistance

    bianet compiled all its news, photo and video content from May 27, 2013 regarding the Gezi Resistance around a timeline. Even though the chronology ends in March 2014, we know that this is just the beginning...

Male Violence Monitoring

Media Monitoring Reports

  • BIA Media Monitoring Reports

    Independent Communication Network (BIA) monitors and reports violations of freedom of expression in Turkey. You can access quarterly and annual reports from this page.

bianet In Your Mother Tongue!

  • Bianet In Your Mother Tongue

    On February 21 International Mother Language Day, bianet published 20 articles in different languages spoken in Turkey.

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