Support for Academics from Exeter: ‘Turkey’s Academics Pay Heavy Price for Resisting Erdoğan’s Militarized Politics’

Celal Cahit Agar; Ph.D candidate and Research Assistant, and Steffen Böhm; Professor in Organization Studies at University of Exeter have published an article on the news website “The Conversation” to declare the support of academics from the University of Exeter for their colleagues in Turkey.

Narmanlı Inn Restoration Protest

Beyoğlu City Defense members have protested against Preservation Board No.2 approving restoration project of Narmanlı Inn.

Fire in Building Bombed in Cizre

Following the attack on a building, fire has broken out which has led to nine persons lose their lives. Still no news have been received yet regarding the injured who had taken shelter and got stuck in the basement of another building in the same district.

“No Legal Base for Investigations into Academics”

Prof. Dr. Akdeniz has commented on investigations launched into academics signing declaration entitled “We will not be a party to this crime”.

Doctor Rejecting to Examine Trans Woman Receives Warning by TTB

Gynecologist F.H. who rejected to examine trans woman H.Ç. reasoning; “You are a man” receives a warning from the Turkish Medical Association noting that “the rejection must be based on a reasonable and comprehensible motivation and not a reason considered a crime”.


Gezi Resistance

  • bianet compiled all its news, photo and video content from May 27, 2013 regarding the Gezi Resistance around a timeline. Even though the chronology ends in March 2014, we know that this is just the beginning...

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  • bianet is keeping monthly account of the stream of male violence to lay bare the extent of violence against women.

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  • Independent Communication Network (BIA) monitors and reports violations of freedom of expression in Turkey. You can access quarterly and annual reports from this page.

bianet In Your Mother Tongue!

  • bianet In Your Mother Tongue!

    On February 21 International Mother Language Day, bianet published 20 articles in different languages spoken in Turkey.

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