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Turkey Appeals ECHR Verdict on Compulsory Religion Classes

Turkey appealed to the ECHR verdict on compulsory religion classes on its last day of application. The court may either admit or decline the application without any further explanation.

Journalists Charged With Prison in December 14 Raids

16 individuals including Zaman newspaper editor-in-chief Ekrem Dumanlı and Samanyolu TV Broadcasting Group Chairman Hidayet Karaca have been charged with prison sentence for attempted coup against the government.

Protests on the 1st Anniversary of Corruption Probe

Several protests have been held on the 1st Anniversary of Corruption Probe within which four minister resigned. While the hashtag #hırsızvar (#thereisathief) became a top tweet, 5 demonstrators were detained in Istanbul.

Turkey Convicted of Torturing 19 y.o. Demonstrator

Mehmet Fidan has been detained during a demonstration in Şırnak province and subjected to torture. ECHR found Turkey guilty of torture.

Two Rûdaw TV Workers Kidnapped in Rojava

Rûdaw TV workers Ferhad Hamo and Mesud Akil have been kidnapped in Syria’s Rojava district by a group allegedly linked with ISIS.


Gezi Resistance

  • First Year of Gezi Resistance

    bianet compiled all its news, photo and video content from May 27, 2013 regarding the Gezi Resistance around a timeline. Even though the chronology ends in March 2014, we know that this is just the beginning...

Male Violence Monitoring

Media Monitoring Reports

  • BIA Media Monitoring Reports

    Independent Communication Network (BIA) monitors and reports violations of freedom of expression in Turkey. You can access quarterly and annual reports from this page.

bianet In Your Mother Tongue!

  • Bianet In Your Mother Tongue

    On February 21 International Mother Language Day, bianet published 20 articles in different languages spoken in Turkey.

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