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Syrian Refugees At Risk of Being Returned

Amnesty International informed that around 100 refugees from Syria are at risk of being returned to the war-torn city of Kobane, urging Turkish authorities to release the refugees from their unlawful detention immediately.

Municipality Now Provides Free Healthcare For LGBTIs

Istanbul’s Şişli district municipality started to provide free healthcare for LGBTI people, allowing patients to get tested on STDs anonymously.

On the Margins: Secular Human Rights in Turkey

In Turkey, Muslim groups have used the “human rights” framework to protect their religious practices, such as wearing headscarves in universities and workplaces. But what happens when the “rights” demanded by dominant religious groups contradict the rights and demands of others?

DBP Administrator Gravely Wounded By Canister

Semra Demir, an administrator at Democratic Regions Party, has been shut by a tear gas bomb canister during a gendarmerie intervention to villagers on watch-duty in the border with Kobane.

Annika Marlen Hinze, Turkish Berlin: Integration Policy and Urban Space

Jadaliyya interviewed Annika Marlen Hinze on her book “Turkish Berlin: Integration Policy and Urban Space” published by University of Minnesota Press.


Gezi Resistance

  • First Year of Gezi Resistance

    bianet compiled all its news, photo and video content from May 27, 2013 regarding the Gezi Resistance around a timeline. Even though the chronology ends in March 2014, we know that this is just the beginning...

Male Violence Monitoring

Media Monitoring Reports

  • BIA Media Monitoring Reports

    Independent Communication Network (BIA) monitors and reports violations of freedom of expression in Turkey. You can access quarterly and annual reports from this page.

bianet In Your Mother Tongue!

  • Bianet In Your Mother Tongue

    On February 21 International Mother Language Day, bianet published 20 articles in different languages spoken in Turkey.

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