No Release for Rights Advocate Kılıç, Only Defendant Still in Detention Pending Trial

In the second hearing in trial of 11 rights defenders detained over a workshop in Büyükada, Court ruled that rights advocate Taner Kılıç remain in detention pending trial. Next hearing will be on January 30, 2018.

Footages of October 10 Massacre in Case File

Footages of October 10 massacre have been included in the case file ahead of the trial of massacre.

US: We’ve Heard That Story, That Old Same Song and Dance from Turkey

Commenting on the allegations that the US fomented coup in Turkey, Spokesperson for the US State Department Neuer has said, “Making comments about the United States trying to foment a coup is simply ridiculous. I think they recognize that as well”.

‘Spies’ Communicate Via Ripped Jeans, According to Pro-Government Akit Daily

Pro-government Yeni Akit has reported that “foreign intelligence units and their co-conspirators” contact with each other via jeans, which have the same serial number and ripped in the same spots, but this situation was detected by Turkish intelligence.

‘Honors of Rights Defenders Must be Restored’

Ahead of the second hearing of the trial of 11 rights defenders who have faced prosecution for attending a meeting in Büyükada, rights defenders made a statement in front of the courthouse.


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