Newroz in Turkey from Nusaybin to İzmir

Tens of thousands of people have participated in the Newroz celebrations across Turkey.

Merkel: ‘Afrin Operation is Unacceptable’

Concerning Afrin operation, Chancellor of Germany Merkel has said, “Afrin operation is unacceptable. We condemn it in the strongest way”.

US Department of State on Manbij: That’s Funny Because No Agreement Reached

Responding to Presidential Spokesperson Kalın’s statements about Manbij, US State Department Spokesperson Nauert has said, “That’s funny, because no agreement has been reached”.

Osman Kavala Behind Bars for 141 Days, Still No Indictment Prepared

Rights activist Kavala has been imprisoned for 141 days in Silivri Prison. No indictment has been prepared for Kavala yet.

World Down Syndrome Day: Our Children Should Be Able to Be Involved in Social Life

Today is World Down Syndrome Day. Their difference is to having one extra chromosome compared to other people. The biggest issues for around 70 thousand individuals with Down syndrome living in Turkey are education and lack of social space.

52 Weeks 52 Men


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