HDP’s Sarıyıldız, Hezer-Öztürk Relieved of MP Duties

HDP’s Sarıyıldız and Hezer-Öztürk have been relieved of MP duties on the ground that they didn’t attend the parliamentary works since October 2016.

Gülmen, Özakça on Hunger Strike Undergo Medical Examination on ECtHR’s Demand

Gülmen and Özakça who have been on a hunger strike for 141 days demanding reinstatement to their jobs after being discharged through a statutory decree have undergone a medical examination upon demand by the ECtHR.

Court Rules Release of Suspect Charged With Aiding ISIS Cannot be Challenged

The court has decided on appeal lodged against release of Gök charged with providing passage to ISIS camp in Syria for ISIS members and was caught together with perpetrator of Brussels attack, that a release cannot be challenged.

Fourth Day of Cumhuriyet Daily Trial

The fourth hearing in the Cumhuriyet daily trial in which one Twitter user under arrest and 18 executives, journalists and employees from Cumhuriyet daily 11 of whom are also arrested are standing trial is being held today.

HDP Urfa MP Öcalan Demands Investigation be Launched into Suruç Massacre

HDP Urfa MP Öcalan has called for parliamentary investigation to be launched into Suruç massacre.


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