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Roboski Villagers, Animal Activists Outraged After Mule Killings

İHD’s Şırnak Province Office released a report on the killing of mules in Roboski by Turkish Army soldiers, saying that the attitude was hostile and urged the government for action.

Penguen Humor Magazine Reacts “Erdoğan” Punishment

Penguen humor magazine reacted to the court ruling that its caricaturists were punished, wishing it to be the “last example of efforts to turn down free thought”.

Contrasting Statements From TSK and PKK on Mortar Exchange

Turkish Armed Forces and a military wing of Kurdish PKK released contrasting statements regarding the mortar exchange in the mountainous region of Dağlıca on March 25.

13 Years 9 Months of Prison For Taking Down Flag

Diyarbakır 5th High Criminal Court convicted Ömer Mutlu to 13 years and 9 months of prison for taking down turkish flag located in the garden of 2nd Air Force Base in the southeastern district of Diyarbakır.

“AKP Drags Turkey to Sect-Centered Clashes”

Peoples’ Democratic Party criticized the AKP government’s stance to the recent military intervention in Yemen, requesting a general parliamentary session for discussion.


Gezi Resistance

  • First Year of Gezi Resistance

    bianet compiled all its news, photo and video content from May 27, 2013 regarding the Gezi Resistance around a timeline. Even though the chronology ends in March 2014, we know that this is just the beginning...

Male Violence Monitoring

Media Monitoring Reports

  • BIA Media Monitoring Reports

    Independent Communication Network (BIA) monitors and reports violations of freedom of expression in Turkey. You can access quarterly and annual reports from this page.

bianet In Your Mother Tongue!

  • Bianet In Your Mother Tongue

    On February 21 International Mother Language Day, bianet published 20 articles in different languages spoken in Turkey.

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