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22 August 2013 Thursday

29 July 2013 Monday

  • "Iftar Detainees" Released
    Detained after attempting to break their Ramadan fasts in Gezi Park, 6 individuals have been released. While four detainees were released ......
  • “Iftar Detainees” Sent to Courthouse
    Detained on Saturday after attempting to break their Ramadan fast in Gezi Park, 6 individuals including one minor has been sent ......

24 May 2013 Friday

22 May 2013 Wednesday

06 May 2013 Monday

15 March 2013 Friday

  • Internet, Activism, and the New Media
    The second day of the “Social Movements, Media and Politics” conference at the Izmir Economy University brought discussions about environmental and ......

25 February 2013 Monday

  • Turkey Pledges to Help Syria's Assyrians
    AKP Interim Chairperson Numan Kurtulmuş received representatives from Turkey's major Assyrian Christian associations on the matter of improving the living conditions ......

05 February 2013 Tuesday

24 January 2013 Thursday

03 January 2013 Thursday

28 November 2012 Wednesday

  • Turkey's Alevis' Holy Month Ends
    In the end of Turkey's Alevis holy month, bianet attended a talk session in cemevi, a traditional worship space which is ......

24 August 2012 Friday

23 August 2012 Thursday

  • Alevi Homes Marked in Istanbul
    Unidentified individual(s) marked 25 Alevi homes with blue paint in Istanbul’s Kartal district on Wednesday. The Alevi Pir Sultan Abdal Culture ......

14 August 2012 Tuesday

06 August 2012 Monday

26 July 2012 Thursday

10 July 2012 Tuesday

15 June 2012 Friday

  • “We Did Not Ask for Alevi Courses”
    Prominent representatives of Turkey’s Alevi minority sharply criticized the government’s move to include elective courses on the Alevi faith in school ......