Detained Journalist Ergün Demir Released

Journalist Ergün Demir, the Chief Editor of the Astakos news website, who was previously taken into custody, has been released.

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Journalist Ergün Demir, who is the Chief Editor of the Astakos news website and was taken into custody due to his news report entitled "He said, 'If I cannot buy trousers for my son, then why am I living' and hanged himself", has been released.

Demir reported the news of İ.D., who committed suicide in Kocaeli, on September 21. He was detained in relation with this news report.

As reported by the news website, Demir was taken into custody by the Körfez District Gendarmerie Commandership forces and referred to the Körfez Courthouse. Demir has been released on probation.

Neighborhood mukhtar was also detained

Halil Taş, who is the mukhtar of the 17 Ağustos Neighborhood, was also detained on the ground that he was in the house of İ.D. while Demir was talking to the family of İ.D.

A confidentiality order has been issued for the case file.

Complaint due to recording nonpublic conversation

As reported by, Ergün Demir was taken into custody upon the complaint of İ.D.'s wife. The reason of complaint was "recording and unlawfully disclosing nonpublic conversation" (Turkish Penal Code 133/3).

What happened?

Journalist Ergün Demir published the news report entitled "He said, 'If I cannot buy trousers for my son, then why am I living' and hanged himself" on September 21.

Upon the reaction on social media, the Governorship of Kocaeli released a written statement and announced that "İ.D. committed suicide not because of trousers, but due to psychological reasons."

As a response to this statement, journalist Demir published an article entitled "Why did I make the news of İ.D.?" on September 23. In the article, he said,

"The news in question was not reported with the aim of hurting, blaming or defaming any institutions or individuals.

"I am stating it one more time: I did what my job and my profession required me to do. I have nothing else to say about this issue!" (HK/SD)

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25 September 2018, Tuesday