Anonymous Hacked BTK Database

Anonymous got hold of four different databases of the Prime Ministry Telecommunication Association. On 12 February it was announced that the databases were hacked. The data was then published on Twitter by a user called 'Unnamed_Anarchy".

"Hello Turkey!

It is time to fight for free internet while dominations are getting consistent. Digiturk, who is responsible for blocking, and over 10000 websites, has become a internet terrorist. The victims were not warned and did not even have the right of defense".

This is a passage of an online announcement made by the internet meme Anonymous on 9 February.

Anymous, one of the best known hacker groups in the internet, introduced their "Operation Digiturk" with the above mentioned announcement and a video. However, Digitürk removed the video from YouTube on the grounds of copyright. The group started to publish their video on vimeo subsequently.

Anonymous assessed this move of Digitürk as censorship and declared, "Censorship is a human rights violation. Whoever attempts to silence people by using censorship Anonymous will sentence. Anonymous is not a single person; Anonymous is everyone. The internet is everyone's right".

The announcement ends with the line: "We are Anonymous. We are legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget".

The Prime Ministry Telecommunication Association (BTK) became the first target of the operation.

The group got hold of four different databases of the BTK and published the according information on Twitter. Information about companies like Vodafone, TurkNet, Superonline, Avea or Turkcell was published encrypted. Data from the fourth database contained clear information on the full names of BTK employees, their user names, e-mails, passwords, mobile, home and office phone numbers, date of birth and their ID numbers.

A user called 'Unnamed Anarchy' published the databases on Twitter. The tweet sent on 12 February was written in Turkish which suggests that Unnamed Anarchy might be a hacker or a group of hackers supporting Anonymous from Turkey.

bianet called the BTK for further information on the subject and was only told that work on the technical infrastructure was being done. The association has not released an official statement yet. (HK)



İstanbul - BIA News Center

15 February 2012, Wednesday