Court Bans Publishing News About Ergenekon Suspects

The court puts a ban on publishing news about Ergenekon Suspect Veli Küçük and his friends to protect their private lives and prevent the use of their defense in the media.

The number of the arrested in the Ergenekon operation became 45 with the release of the Petty Officer Mahmut Öztürk yesterday (November 18). The Ergenekon trial is continuing with the questioning of former Captain Gazi Güder in the 16th hearing.

Güder is accused of “being a member in the Ergenekon organization” and “illegally recording personal information” and facing prison sentence of 28 years.

Ban on publishing news about “Veli Küçük and his friends”

Moreover, the 13th High Criminal Court of Istanbul put a ban onpublishing news about Veli Küçük and his friends in order to prevent the use of the DVD records given to the accused for their defense in the media and the violation of the secrecy of private life.

The ban on publishing that the court decided on the day before yesterday has been announced to the media organs using the High Council of Radio and Television (RTÜK).

Sedat Peker, former rector of the Istanbul University Prof. Dr. Kemal Alemdaroğlu, journalist Güler Kömürcü Öztürk and Ali Yasak joined today’s hearing as well.

Today, Gazi Güder, the sixth accused in the indictment, presented his defense.

“Even if I knew, would have still hidden Tekin”

The court decided at the 15th hearing on November 18 to release Mahmut Öztürk, taking into consideration the time he did in the prison during the Ergenekon investigation.

Öztürk was accused of hiding former Captain Muzaffer Tekin in his house. Tekin is charged with the bombing of the 2nd2007. In his defense, Öztürk said he did not know that Tekin was wanted, but even if he knew, he would have still hidden him. Chamber of the State Council and giving the order for the bombing of the office of the newspaper Cumhuriyet in May

This was the first release in the Ergenekon trial, which started on October 20. (EÖ/TB)     

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20 November 2008, Thursday