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16 April 2014 Wednesday

04 April 2014 Friday

02 April 2014 Wednesday

  • Contradictory Statements From FM and TIB
    Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu stated that YouTube ban was related to the national security. Telecommunications Communication Authorities, on the other hand, ......

01 April 2014 Tuesday

31 March 2014 Monday

  • Vote Rates Across Turkey
    The vote counting has not been resulted. According to the unconfirmed election results in data of Anatolia Agency (AA), Justice and ......
  • Turkey’s First Female Metropolitan Mayors
    Gültan Kışanak, Fatma Şahin and Özlem Çerçioğlu have become the first women to be elected as metropolitan municipality mayors. ...

30 March 2014 Sunday

20 March 2014 Thursday

05 March 2014 Wednesday

  • Erdoğan Confirms Phone Recordings
    During a speech addressed at local media representatives in Ankara, PM Erdoğan stood behind the content of an alleged conversation with ......

26 February 2014 Wednesday

24 February 2014 Monday

21 February 2014 Friday

19 February 2014 Wednesday

17 February 2014 Monday

  • Internet and Democracy
    Freedom of speech counts as cornerstone of democracy. In Norway the internet is considered as an free arena where all can ......

14 February 2014 Friday

  • Gezi Park and Workers
    The ‘overwhelmed’ masses, the majority of whom are composed of paid employees, displayed a reaction against the government, which had intervened ......