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23 August 2006 Wednesday

22 August 2006 Tuesday

21 August 2006 Monday

17 August 2006 Thursday

16 August 2006 Wednesday

15 August 2006 Tuesday

  • Dont Send Soldiers to Lebanon
    29 leading intellectuals sign open letter saying government should only send humanitarian aid to the Middle East. Baydar: Cease-Fire declared for ......

14 August 2006 Monday

  • Multiple Investigations into Bombing General
    Sirnak Prosecutors Office prosecution also investigating retired General Tokat for public revelation on ordering clandestine street bombings to intimidate judges and ......
  • Minister Calls for Womens Summit
    Minister in Charge of Women Issues calls on public institutions, civil society and women organizations to attend September 8 Ankara meeting ......
  • State Regards Own Citizens as Foreigners
    State Supervisory Council lists minority foundations among foreign legal entities in report probing land purchases by foreigners. Lawyer Hatemi: This is ......
  • TBB Ends Free Counsel Strike
    Union of Bar Associations ends its protest of obligatory counsel services after Prime Minister issues orders for a new law and ......

11 August 2006 Friday

10 August 2006 Thursday

  • Bar Files Against Military Impunity
    Ankara Bar Association has filed a case with Turkeys Council of State against a police circular banning police officers from detaining ......
  • Is Turkey Passively Bombing Lebanon?
    Main opposition Republican Peoples Party (CHP) Adana deputy Tacidar Seyhan formally asks the parliament and government if the media reports that ......
  • 15.000 Intellectuals Join Accusing Israel
    Public indictment led by 7 leading Turkish intellectuals to condemn Israel, charging Bush, Blair and Olmert of committing crimes against humanity ......

09 August 2006 Wednesday

08 August 2006 Tuesday