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10 May 2012 Thursday

  • Court Ruling: “Torture”
    Izmir 12. Criminal Court of First Instance , where the police officers who assaulted Ms. Fevziye Cengiz were on trial, sent ......

09 May 2012 Wednesday

08 May 2012 Tuesday

  • Fourth Wave of Feb. 28 Operations
    The fourth wave of Feb. 28 operation began within the scope of Feb. 28 investigation today. Detention warrants were issued for ......
  • Certificate of Good Health for School Milk
    The laboratory investigation of the milk that was distributed to schools and poisoned thousands of children completed: “There are no reasons ......
  • No Judicial Punishment to Police Officers
    Minister of Interior İdris Naim Şahin answered the parliamentary question: “We scrupulously fulfilled the necessary studies for the investigation process of ......
  • 3 Workers Died Per Day in April
    According to Workers' Health and Safety Council report, at least 87 workers died in April. Deaths were mostly in construction, mining ......

07 May 2012 Monday

04 May 2012 Friday

03 May 2012 Thursday

02 May 2012 Wednesday

01 May 2012 Tuesday

  • Notes from May 1 Celebrations
    Hundreds of thousands of people celebrated May 1 in Turkey enthusiastically. There were clashes between the demonstrators and the police in ......
  • "Concrete Evidences Ignored”
    “There was the decision of acquittal due to lack of evidence although the statement of the victim woman was verified with ......
  • "No Incidents Occurred at the Last 2 Years”
    Governor Mutlu warned “I won't allow the May 1 celebrations at Taksim Square if any incident happens this year” and the ......
  • "Shift at the Heron Records "
    It’s stated that there’s a shift at the Heron records in the Roboski report of Ministry of Interior that’s presented to ......

30 April 2012 Monday

29 April 2012 Sunday

27 April 2012 Friday

26 April 2012 Thursday

25 April 2012 Wednesday

24 April 2012 Tuesday

23 April 2012 Monday

22 April 2012 Sunday

20 April 2012 Friday

  • The Investigation without a Prosecutor
    The investigation of Efeoğlu who disappeared in custody 20 years ago is in between specially authorized prosecutor and Şişli Prosecution; however ......
  • No Budget for Women's Struggle in Turkey
    Ülker from Women's Solidarity Foundation, Taylı from Organization of Women's Shelters, Ömür Yılmaz from KAHDEM (Central Organization for Women Legal Support) ......
  • Protest of Generals at the Courtroom
    At the 91. hearing of Sledgehammer case, some of the defendants wore t-shirts writing “We demand fair trial” and that created ......

19 April 2012 Thursday

18 April 2012 Wednesday

17 April 2012 Tuesday

16 April 2012 Monday

11 April 2012 Wednesday

10 April 2012 Tuesday

  • Ragıp Zarakolu Released
    15 suspects of the first KCK case, including publisher Ragip Zarakolu, are released today. The names of the released are listed ......

09 April 2012 Monday

  • Appeal Against Zarakolu's Arrest
    Causing a unanimous criticism from commentators across the political sphere, publisher and writer Zarakolu's arrest is once again questioned by his ......
  • Church Pastor Attacked in Istanbul
    Four people rushed into a Protestant church in Bahçelievler district and physically attacked the pastor, threatening and insulting him. ...

06 April 2012 Friday

05 April 2012 Thursday

03 April 2012 Tuesday

02 April 2012 Monday

30 March 2012 Friday

29 March 2012 Thursday

  • Assyrian Cultural Award for Ragıp Zarakolu
    Imprisoned writer and publisher Ragıp Zarakolu will receive the Assyrian Cultural Award. "He always took his place right next to minorities ......
  • Attacks on Alevi Cem House
    "Oppression cannot intimidate us. This cem house is going to be opened" is the message of local residents after the municipality ......
  • KESK Protest under Tear Gas
    The police intervened against KESK members who wanted to demonstrate in Ankara against the 4+4+4 Education Draft Law and the Draft ......
  • Two Journalists Released, 101 still behind Bars
    The number of imprisoned journalists in Turkey went down to 101. DİHA Batman representative Altan and Diyarbakır representative Kaya were released ......

28 March 2012 Wednesday

27 March 2012 Tuesday

26 March 2012 Monday

24 March 2012 Saturday

  • Searching for "Nameless Students"
    The Initiative for Solidarity with Arrested Students published the "Map of Unnamed Students" of Turkey in order to communicate judicial and ......
  • Student Cihan Kırmızıgül Released
    Student Kırmızıgül was released pending trial after 25 months behind bars. He stands accused of "membership in an illegal organization" because ......