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30 May 2012 Wednesday

  • Uncertainty on Uludere Documents
    President Abdullah Gül said "The documents are already sent" but the prosecutor haven’t received Uludere documents yet. ...
  • "Arrested for Writing on the Walls"
    University Student Burak Aykurt is arrested as he wrote ‘Say No to YÖK’, ‘Long live the brotherhood of peoples’ and ‘We ......

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21 May 2012 Monday

20 May 2012 Sunday

  • Court Decree Without Lawyer
    “Lawyers sometimes do not attend to the court hearings in order to prevent the court’s decision however the court violates the ......
  • “No Time to Loose”
    Lawyer Elçi drew attention to the fact that many lost in custody cases might be time-barred in a few years and ......
  • The Biggest “Disaster” at the Parliament
    Neighborhood associations, non-governmental organizations and trade associations issued a joint declaration against the disaster law. ...

18 May 2012 Friday

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08 May 2012 Tuesday

  • Fourth Wave of Feb. 28 Operations
    The fourth wave of Feb. 28 operation began within the scope of Feb. 28 investigation today. Detention warrants were issued for ......
  • Certificate of Good Health for School Milk
    The laboratory investigation of the milk that was distributed to schools and poisoned thousands of children completed: “There are no reasons ......
  • No Judicial Punishment to Police Officers
    Minister of Interior İdris Naim Şahin answered the parliamentary question: “We scrupulously fulfilled the necessary studies for the investigation process of ......
  • 3 Workers Died Per Day in April
    According to Workers' Health and Safety Council report, at least 87 workers died in April. Deaths were mostly in construction, mining ......

07 May 2012 Monday

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02 May 2012 Wednesday

01 May 2012 Tuesday

  • Notes from May 1 Celebrations
    Hundreds of thousands of people celebrated May 1 in Turkey enthusiastically. There were clashes between the demonstrators and the police in ......
  • "Concrete Evidences Ignored”
    “There was the decision of acquittal due to lack of evidence although the statement of the victim woman was verified with ......
  • "No Incidents Occurred at the Last 2 Years”
    Governor Mutlu warned “I won't allow the May 1 celebrations at Taksim Square if any incident happens this year” and the ......
  • "Shift at the Heron Records "
    It’s stated that there’s a shift at the Heron records in the Roboski report of Ministry of Interior that’s presented to ......

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