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04 December 2012 Tuesday

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27 November 2012 Tuesday

26 November 2012 Monday

  • Armed Violence Victims Bring Controversy
    On the International Day for the elimination of violence against women, Şefkat-Der Association held a shooting workshop with battered women, bringing ......
  • Fellow Artists Support Suspected Musicians
    13 suspects including members of popular music band Grup Yorum were ordered to stand trial today, with artists, politicians and intellectuals ......
  • "I am a Journalist in Exile"
    Necati Abay, spokesperson of Jailed Journalists Solidarity Platform asked for political asylum from Germany, after a Turkish appeals court ordered him ......
  • Women Rally Against Violence in Istanbul
    Hundreds of women rallied on the 25 November International Day for the elimination of violence against women in Istanbul, raising their ......

23 November 2012 Friday

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19 November 2012 Monday

18 November 2012 Sunday

  • Hunger Strikes End on Day 68
    Zübeyde Teker, president of the Associations of Help for Prisoners' Families Federation, declared the end of hunger strikes early on Sunday. ......

16 November 2012 Friday

  • Hunger Strikers' Families Speak Up
    "How can we remain silent to this? How can we eat when our children are starving to death?" families told bianet. ......
  • Feleknas Uca Transported to Germany
    Turkish authorities released the former European Parliament Deputy Feleknas Uca from police custody and transported her back to Germany. She might ......

15 November 2012 Thursday

14 November 2012 Wednesday

  • 55 Students Arrested in 5 Days
    The arrest of 30 students supporting hunger strikes from Pamukkale University rose the total toll of jailed students in the past ......
  • Human Rights Association Members Released
    6 Human Rights Association members were briefly taken into police custody in front of PM's Istanbul office after their attempt to ......
  • New Education Reforms Announced
    Ömer Dinçer, Minister of Education, announced reforms in the national education system including calling off high school entrance exams, nullifying cram ......

13 November 2012 Tuesday

  • Workers Occupy Factory in Bursa
    1.500 union workers occupied their Renault car factory in Bursa, protesting a collective labor agreement. Attacks were reported on some dozen ......
  • Parliament to discuss court reform
    The Turkish government has submitted to parliament a reform allowing defendants to use languages other Turkish in court, a key demand ......
  • PM Pushes to Restore Death Penalty
    "We see PM Erdogan advocating for death penalty now, but we should also remember how he used to read aloud death ......

12 November 2012 Monday

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24 October 2012 Wednesday

22 October 2012 Monday

16 October 2012 Tuesday

  • Journalist Receives Life-Time Imprisonment
    Turkey’s Supreme Court of Appeals ratified a life-time imprisonment sentence against Atılım newspaper’s editor-in-chief Hatice Duman, just as it overturned a ......

15 October 2012 Monday

09 October 2012 Tuesday

  • Media Owners Talk on Military Interventions
    The parliamentary commission investigating military interventions continues talking to influential media figures about their perceptions and memories of the events in ......

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