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03 June 2014 Tuesday

  • Occupy Karşı Newspaper Ends With Agreement
    Protesting for the past 47 days and refusing to leave the newspaper premises, Karşı Newspaper employees announced the end of their ......
  • Gezi Resistance Deaths Commemorated
    The family of Abdullah Cömert, a young protestor who lost his life during Gezi Resistance, visited Gezi Park today. While Ali ......
  • YouTube At Last!
    Turkey lifted its YouTube ban dated March 27 following the Constitutional Court’s decision on May 29 stating, “The access ban on ......
  • 414 Workers Killed on the Job in May
    Along with the workplace murder at mine in Soma, at least 414 workers lost their lives in May 2014. Among the ......

02 June 2014 Monday

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23 May 2014 Friday

  • “Fag” Tweet Fined
    Levent Pişkin, an LGBTI activist, has been fined due to his tweet “‘I’m a perfect fag and we are not going ......
  • One More Death in Okmeydanı
    After the incidents related the murder of Uğur Kurt at the backyard of cemevi in Okmeydanı, an unidentified person lost his ......
  • “Snap the Photo!”
    İsa turned 18 and went down to the mine. Last Sunday was his 19th birthday. The father is a miner as ......
  • So, What is Soma District Like?
    With its greenery, thermal plant, coal-based economy and life, AKP’s utmost weight, seasonally employed women, two hospitals, a technical academy, and ......
  • Uğur Kurt, a Protest Bystander, Killed By Police Fire
    Uğur Kurt (30), a municipal worker who was coincidentally visiting a cemevi for funeral in Istanbul’s Okmeydanı, died of police fire ......

22 May 2014 Thursday

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16 May 2014 Friday

  • Consultant Defends Aide’s Kick
    After kicking a citizen in Soma disttict, Prime Minister's Aide Yusuf Yerkel said he “could not keep his calm due to ......

15 May 2014 Thursday

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  • Male Violence April 2014
    According to the data based on reports in local and national newspapers and news agencies, a compilation made by bianet revealed ......
  • YSK-RTÜK Cooperation: 176 Suspensions in 3 Months
    Turkey's Supreme Election Board (YSK) handed out 176 suspensions to 22 media institutions for their broadcasts until March 17th during the ......
  • Gay Police Case Opens
    The case of Osman, a former police officer who has been dismissed due to his sexual orientation, has opened this afternoon. ......
  • Füsun Erdoğan is Now Free
    Füsun Erdoğan, a bianet writer and former coordinator of Özgür Radyo who has been convicted to life sentence within MLKP case, ......
  • Release Order For Füsun Erdoğan
    8 socialists including journalist and bianet writer Füsun Erdoğan has been ordered for release within the MLKP case. The ruling came ......
  • Interior Minister Admits Erasing of Helmet Numbers
    Responding to a parliamentary inquiry, Interior Minister Efkan Ala said that the numbers on police helmets were erased during the Gezi ......

07 May 2014 Wednesday