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06 November 2013 Wednesday

05 November 2013 Tuesday

  • “Joking” Death in the Barracks
    F.E., a private under compulsory drafting in Diyarbakır’s Lice province, was allegedly shot dead as he was joking with another colleague. ......
  • ECHR Ignores Torture Footage
    The European Court of Human Rights did not find Turkey guilty of violating torture ban in a case where police assaulted ......
  • Students Detained For Protesting PM
    Police detained 5 Genç-Sen members for protesting PM’s remarks on student residence by attempting to flash a banner at a cafe ......
  • Füsun Erdoğan Receives Life Sentence
    29 defendants stood trial for the last time in the MLKP case yesterday. Istanbul 10th High Criminal Court convicted 7 defendants ......

04 November 2013 Monday

01 November 2013 Friday

31 October 2013 Thursday

30 October 2013 Wednesday