04 July 2002 Thursday

27 June 2002 Thursday

26 June 2002 Wednesday

  • Black Sea Countries Optimistic for Future
    The BSCE brings together former Soviet republics of Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Moldova and Turkey, Russian Federation, Rumania, Bulgaria, Greece and ......
  • A Woman Mayor in Mardin
    Deriks mayor Ayse Karadag has to go through the difficulties of being a woman mayor in a region where feudal relations ......

25 June 2002 Tuesday

  • Publisher Oztoprak Acquitted, Keskin?
    Publisher Öztoprak was acquitted of charges of promoting separatism by publishing Mehmed Uzun book,Generating a Language. Publisher Abdullah Keskin faces imminent ......

24 June 2002 Monday

  • Sentenced Writer Seeks Asylum
    Writer, publisher and political activist Pekdemir seeks asylum following three-year and nine-month prison sentence.Turkish Penal Code, for supporting an illegal organisation, ......

21 June 2002 Friday

19 June 2002 Wednesday

14 June 2002 Friday

12 June 2002 Wednesday

11 June 2002 Tuesday

10 June 2002 Monday

  • Presidents EU Summit to the Leaders
    The EU summit was successful in pushing forward the solution of the problems regarding Turkeys EU membership. However, the actions of ......

08 June 2002 Saturday

07 June 2002 Friday

06 June 2002 Thursday

  • Asiye's Story
    "They raped me under custody." Asiye Zeybek Güzel could only pronounce this truth when she could appear before the court 8 ......

05 June 2002 Wednesday

  • The Toll: Journalists Killed 1992-2001
    CPJ: 389 journalists killed between 1992 and 2001. Turkey, where 18 journalists have been killed during the last decade, rounds out ......
  • Editor Asiye Zeybek Guzel Released
    Guzel, former editor of radical newspaper released following a five years and four months imprisonment. She was in Gebze (Istanbul) Prison. ......

04 June 2002 Tuesday

  • Nurturing Natural Allies
    Turkey and Israel share this concern about the expansion of Iranian influence in the Caucasus and Central Asia. Indeed, Ankaras good ......

31 May 2002 Friday

  • World Cup Red Card for 5 Countries
    RSF calls attention to human rights situation in five football World Cup qualifying countries: Saudi Arabia, China, Russia, Tunisia and Turkey.RED ......
  • Womens Center for Domestic Violence
    Womens Handcraft Associations Center is aiming at generating solutions for beating and violence against women in general. The association is also ......

29 May 2002 Wednesday

  • Turkey Report - 2002
    Torture and ill-treatment, high security prisons, rape in custody, impunity, two HADEP politicians disappeared, increased pressure on human rights defenders, prisoners ......

24 May 2002 Friday

22 May 2002 Wednesday

21 May 2002 Tuesday

  • Journalist Sentenced to Suspended 18 Months
    Turkish Daily News columnist Bekdil is sentenced for his article Turkeys de jure Untouchables under Article 159 of the Turkish Penal ......
  • Coasts and Inland Waters Under Protection
    The Council of State has overturned Supreme Councils verdict to cancel the basis decision regarding the protection of the coasts and ......
  • Early Elections
    Turkey discusses early election. The last one was held on April 19, 1999. Normally, general elections are held every five-year. Istanbul- ......

17 May 2002 Friday

15 May 2002 Wednesday

14 May 2002 Tuesday

13 May 2002 Monday

09 May 2002 Thursday

08 May 2002 Wednesday

07 May 2002 Tuesday

06 May 2002 Monday

02 May 2002 Thursday

01 May 2002 Wednesday

30 April 2002 Tuesday

29 April 2002 Monday

27 April 2002 Saturday

24 April 2002 Wednesday

22 April 2002 Monday

  • Keeping Kurdish Language Alive
    Mehmet Uzun can write in Kurdish, Turkish and Swedish, but his novels are only in Kurdish. The publishing house, GendasYayinlari, has ......

19 April 2002 Friday

18 April 2002 Thursday

16 April 2002 Tuesday

  • Farmers Are Getting Organized
    To improve the agricultural production and marketing facilities in the GAP region, Harran plain farmers has founded AGRO GAP Pioneer Farmer ......

15 April 2002 Monday

11 April 2002 Thursday

08 April 2002 Monday

  • The First Application for ICSID
    Two American companies take their cases to the ICSID, after their energy investments are halted by the Turkish government. The energy ......
  • Urge for Suspending Ties with Israel
    Bringing together thousands of demonstrators from all shades of Turkish public, weekend rallies in Istanbul, Ankara, Bursa, witnessed solidarity slogans with ......

03 April 2002 Wednesday

  • Stop Military Cooperation With Israel!
    The Peace Initiative, comprising academics, writers,artists, journalists and professionals, calls the Israeli government stop terror against Palestinian people, and urges the ......

29 March 2002 Friday

28 March 2002 Thursday

  • Our Culture And Beliefs Are Threatened
    Inhabtants of southeast city of Tunceli, react against spreading decay of the towns cultural characteristics. Tunceli people protest local authorities for ......
  • Women Lead The Towns Journalism
    In Edremit, 300 miles to the south of Istanbul women comprise the bulk of journalistic community and head the news centers ......

15 February 2002 Friday

  • Acquittal in Chomsky Case an Important Step
    Sugden: Years of monitoring human rights in Turkey have shown us that when one law is improved, another is pressed into ......
  • Ayse Nur Zarakolu Died
    Published books of history, politics and poetry that in any other country would hardly be controversial but which in Turkey led ......
  • WAN Asks: Charges be Dropped
    Publisher Tas, is due to appear in court on charges of publishing propaganda against the indivisible unity of the countryWAN ...
  • Courts Must Safeguard Free Speech
    Sugden: By leaving most of these laws on the books, parliament has effectively passed the buck to the courts. ...
  • Publisher Acquitted, Concerns Remain
    Writers in Prison Committee (WiPC): The effect of such wide scale judicial action on the right to free expression in Turkey ......
  • Appeal for Kurdish Language Courses Refuted
    According to reports leaking from the MGK meeting, Turkeys defense and security officials are concerned that the Kurdish demands for training ......
  • Acik Radio Silenced
    Istanbuls local Acik Radio, is silenced under controversial ruling by the Radio and Television Higher Council (RTUK). The radio is banned ......
  • Doors Remain Locked And Deaths Continue
    As the hunger strikes in Turkeys maximum security prisons enter into the 15th month, Justice Minister Hikmet Sami Turk has turned ......
  • Hopes and Worries Arrive in Washington
    Ankaras best hope is that its recently increased geopolitical value, post September 11th, may bring the country some additional economic opportunities. ......

18 January 2002 Friday

17 January 2002 Thursday