05 March 2003 Wednesday

04 March 2003 Tuesday

03 March 2003 Monday

27 February 2003 Thursday

  • Child Rape Trial
    The defendants, who are charged with raping the 12-year-old N.C., are being tried in closed-door hearings. Two women, who are accused ......
  • TRT Cannot be Compared to BBC
    During the Communications Council, the Internet Commission called for the establishing of an Information Technology Ministry. There cant be public broadcasting ......

26 February 2003 Wednesday

24 February 2003 Monday

20 February 2003 Thursday

  • Turn the Lights Off for Peace
    The peace activists called on everyone to join the One Minute Darkness fore Peace action. The peace activists will be gathering ......

17 February 2003 Monday

06 February 2003 Thursday

  • The First War of New Empires
    The stakes for not supporting the USA are too high, Turkish Prime Minister Abdullah Gul realized after sleepless nights. Did he ......
  • People of Turkey Say No to War!
    In February 15, The people, all over the world will protest the US attac on Iraq. The people of Turkey living ......

05 February 2003 Wednesday

03 February 2003 Monday

31 January 2003 Friday

30 January 2003 Thursday

29 January 2003 Wednesday

28 January 2003 Tuesday

  • 2000 People Came Together for Peace
    100 representatives of 20 different professions each, announced their reasons for opposing the war and signed a joint communiqué. Academicians, civil ......
  • Dont Remain an Onlooker to War
    People in Istanbul said No to War, in Beyazit Square, and called on to the government not to support the war. ......

24 January 2003 Friday

  • Journalist Horuz Sentenced to 15 Years
    Memik, the general director of the Worker Villager newspaper, is convicted of being a member of an illegal organization. He is ......
  • No Base in Iskenderun
    Akgun, head of the Iskenderun branch of the Chamber of Architecture, called on the government to have a clear stance on ......

23 January 2003 Thursday

  • No American-Style Haircut!
    Barbers Huseyin and Levent Muti have decided not to do the American-style haircut until the possibility of an attack by the ......
  • Media:Little Pay Increase, High Unemployment
    Two thousand and 482 journalists were laid off in 2002, in Turkey, said a report by the Work Life Commission of ......
  • Peace Gathering: War Is Not the Answer
    Finkelstein, Elsworthy, Curman, Myrdal, Hipkin, Amundson, Savic, Simmons, Komarcevic, Bjelic, Prof. Schumm-Garling, Bötte, Wecker, Simpson, Claussen, Rotem and Tramonti expected in ......

17 January 2003 Friday

15 January 2003 Wednesday

10 January 2003 Friday

  • Reforms May Free Editor Ak
    The Court of Cassation has, for the second time, overruled the fine handed to Ak, Superonlines former coordinator of the Interactive ......
  • Women Will Collect Sentences for Peace
    Hands Across the Divide group launches support action for Turkish Cypriots: Saturday 11, January - Eleftheria Square, Nicosia, from 9:30 AM ......

09 January 2003 Thursday

08 January 2003 Wednesday

07 January 2003 Tuesday

03 January 2003 Friday

  • EUs New Turkey Policy
    It should be asked to modify the Copenhagen decision in Thessaloniki by lending to Turkey a strong and tangible political support ......
  • German Foundations Case: Accusation Rejected
    The German Foundations and other officials rejected accusations of espionage. The Ankara DGM held defendants exempt of the hearing and rejected ......
  • Trying German Foundations
    The German foundations in Turkey, the villagers of Bergama, and the former head of the Istanbul bar, are being tried by ......

30 December 2002 Monday

  • More Books Banned Than 2001
    In 2002, 67 books, 35 publishers and 48 writers were accused. 14 of whom were acquitted. Yet 10 books and their ......

27 December 2002 Friday

25 December 2002 Wednesday

20 December 2002 Friday

  • DGM Convicted Demir and Feyzioglu
    State Security Court convicted publisher Demir and writer Feyzioglu for disseminating separatist propaganda, by writing and publishing a book called Ibo-Ibrahim ......

19 December 2002 Thursday

17 December 2002 Tuesday

16 December 2002 Monday

13 December 2002 Friday

12 December 2002 Thursday

11 December 2002 Wednesday

10 December 2002 Tuesday

  • Enforcing the Public
    President Sezers recent statement that the headscarf has no place in the kamusal alan didnt make it entirely clear: Does he ......
  • We Cannot Join the EU by Picking Up Garbage
    The environmentalists demand that the Spanish-flagged cargo ship loaded with poisonous waste: The EU will demand that we build eradication facilities, ......

09 December 2002 Monday

  • Whose Europe, Whats Europe?
    What are the steps taken by Turkey, in terms of freedom of expression, since its adoption as a candidate member to ......
  • Turban: The Underbelly of The AKP
    Turkeys secularist elite is convinced that presence of veiled women in the public sphere symbolizes the Islamist urge for reshaping the ......

04 December 2002 Wednesday

03 December 2002 Tuesday

  • Journalists will be Tried from France
    The editor-in-chief Erol Ozkoray and writer Nur Dolay of the Idea Politic magazine will make their depositions in writing from France. ......
  • We Dont Want to Write War Stories!
    More than 10,000 demonstrators, including workers, unemployed, homosexuals, anarchists, Islamists, and communists, gathered in Istanbul and said, No to War in ......

27 November 2002 Wednesday

  • North and South Academics Urge For Talks
    Joint Statement:The submission of the plan for the solution of the Cyprus Problem by the UN Secretary-General brings Cyprus to a ......
  • Isnt the Army Ours?
    Senlikoglu criticized the fact that the headscarf is only allowed in places other than public places. According to her, this is ......

26 November 2002 Tuesday

25 November 2002 Monday

  • Being a Woman Publisher in Islamist Country
    We have already published one/two Turkish authors this year, naming me authors whose works have no resemblance whatsoever to those of ......
  • 24-Hours of Broadcasts
    Armenian and Turkish language newspaper AGOS editor in chief Dink believes that the minorities should be excluded by the regulation that ......

23 November 2002 Saturday

22 November 2002 Friday

21 November 2002 Thursday

  • Children Have a Day, But No Rights
    21 percent of children work; 62.6 are subjected to violence; there are a million 400 thousand disabled children; children constitute 10 ......

20 November 2002 Wednesday

19 November 2002 Tuesday

18 November 2002 Monday

16 November 2002 Saturday

14 November 2002 Thursday

13 November 2002 Wednesday

  • Conscientious Objector Taken to Hospital
    Conscientious objector Bal, started a death fast claiming he was tortured. He was taken to an Ankara military hospital as his ......
  • Political Landslide In Turkey?
    Turkish voters punished the governing parties and pinned their hopes on Islamists and Erdoğan, Kurdish voters in big towns didnt vote ......
  • HRW to Honor Sanar Yurdatapan
    The 2002 Human Rights Watch Annual Dinners in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco will honor two other human rights ......

12 November 2002 Tuesday

11 November 2002 Monday

08 November 2002 Friday

  • Neither Division, Nor Enosis
    KTOS head Sorakin, said that committees agreed on during the New York talks were not yet formed because of Denktashs illness. ......
  • What Working Class May Expect From AKP
    AKP promised the IMF, along with the capital-holders, to be loyal to Turkeys current economic program. It will be very difficult ......

07 November 2002 Thursday

  • Human Rights Activists Acquitted
    Turkish court acquits 47 people who were accused shouting slogans at the funeral ceremony of hunger striker Kayaci. Among the 47 ......