05 November 2004 Friday

04 November 2004 Thursday

  • Court Lifts The RTÜK Ban on Local Radio
    3rd Administrative Court in Adana lifted the ban on the local Radyo Dünya for airing Kurdish music during a Turkish language ......
  • Draft Law Legalizes Torture
    The Draft Law on Execution of Penalties, introducing forced labor, uniforms, defining silent protests as disciplinary crimes and imposing solitary confinement ......

02 November 2004 Tuesday

28 October 2004 Thursday

27 October 2004 Wednesday

22 October 2004 Friday

  • Greens: Reform and Trust Key to EU
    The Green Group in the European Parliament, in a public statement after 3-day meeting in Istanbul, encourages Turkish government for further ......

20 October 2004 Wednesday

19 October 2004 Tuesday

18 October 2004 Monday

15 October 2004 Friday

11 October 2004 Monday

07 October 2004 Thursday

  • IPA Calls for Amendment to Penal Code
    International Publishers Association sent a letter to the Presidency of the EU and the Commission seeking their assistance in calling upon ......

06 October 2004 Wednesday

05 October 2004 Tuesday

30 September 2004 Thursday

29 September 2004 Wednesday

27 September 2004 Monday

24 September 2004 Friday

  • 400 Activists Gather for New Tactcis
    Activists from across the globe gather in Ankara in the New Tactics in Human Rights International Symposium. At least 400 representatives ......

21 September 2004 Tuesday

  • IHDs Letter on Systematic Torture
    According to the IHD, the fact that prosecutors, judges and forensic medical experts do not document torture by police, is an ......
  • Women Have Same Problems in EU
    During the international symposium titled, Women in Turkey and the EU: Toward a Joint Understanding organized by Ka-Der, participants discussed womens ......

17 September 2004 Friday

15 September 2004 Wednesday

  • Formula in Adultery
    When the opposition of the Republican Peoples Party (CHP) was also added to the reactions raised from the domestic and foreign ......
  • 90 Trials for 192 Editions of Daily Gundem
    Editor-in-chief Ucar said 12 new cases have been brought against the daly Ulkede Ozgur Gundem after the DGMs were annulled. It ......
  • Reforms Yet Insufficient for Free Speech
    IHD workers Salman and Kizgin are being tried for insulting state officials because of their posts. The same people are trying ......

14 September 2004 Tuesday

09 September 2004 Thursday

  • Mediterranean, Time Bomb!
    Greens from Turkey and Spain urge for resignation of their respective Ministers of Environment for their part in the sinking of ......

08 September 2004 Wednesday

  • Turkey Should Be Welcomed in The EU
    An independent Commission comprising of prominent European politicians such as Martti Ahtisaari former Finland president and former EU commissioner Hans van ......

06 September 2004 Monday

01 September 2004 Wednesday

31 August 2004 Tuesday

  • Bring The Junta to Justice
    The Seventy-eighters Initiative urges for prosecution of the leaders of the 1980 military coup. Labor unions, political parties and professional chambers ......
  • Change of Mentality on August 30
    The Turkish Armed Forces implemented a series of changes at the August 30 Victory Day celebrations, launching civilianization. In this years ......

27 August 2004 Friday

  • Adultery War Between AKP and CHP
    Justice and Development Party AKP called on Parliament for an extraordinary session on September 14, to tackle the Penal Law motion. ......

26 August 2004 Thursday

25 August 2004 Wednesday

24 August 2004 Tuesday

23 August 2004 Monday

  • Allow Us, Let Us Try
    The Chief Public Prosecutor has asked for an investigation permit from the Transport minister Yildirim for Karaman, General Manager of the ......
  • Nazimes Husband Burned Her to Death
    Alir asked for help from the officials before she was murdered. The subgoverner is now full of regret. The villagers and ......
  • Color & Language Phobia Should be Overcome
    Nearly 200 people, including 86 women, had signed up for the Kurdish language courses so far, but they did not accept ......

20 August 2004 Friday

19 August 2004 Thursday

17 August 2004 Tuesday

  • Kurdish Villagers Forced to Leave Home
    Ilicak village residents of Beytussebap are forced to leave their homes under orders by local gendarme commander, say Human Rights Association ......

16 August 2004 Monday

13 August 2004 Friday

11 August 2004 Wednesday

10 August 2004 Tuesday

  • Cicek: Turkey Fulfilled all Conditions for EU
    Cicek says any additional legal arrangement is out of question for EUs setting a negotiation date for Turkey. additional legal arrangement ......
  • EU will Fund Demining of Cyprus
    The European Union will provide 2.5 million euros for the demining of Cyprus. With the project, beginning in the no-man zone ......
  • Women Ask for Shelters
    The Metropolitan Municipality responded to shelter demands by saying it will support a womens shelter opened by the Human Resources Development ......

06 August 2004 Friday

05 August 2004 Thursday

04 August 2004 Wednesday

03 August 2004 Tuesday

02 August 2004 Monday

29 July 2004 Thursday

  • EU Inspired Laws Remain on Paper
    The number of detentions increase as prosecutions decrease after the adoption of the Seventh Reform Package to broaden the right to ......

28 July 2004 Wednesday

26 July 2004 Monday

23 July 2004 Friday

22 July 2004 Thursday

19 July 2004 Monday