03 May 2006 Wednesday

  • Withdraw Laws Against the People
    May Day 2006: Workers demand government abandon Social Security Law, Anti-Terror Bill and nuclear power plant projects. Observers say youth and ......
  • Police Detain 34, Beat Protestors
    Police use truncheons and pepper-gas on May Day group, detentions accompanied by beatings. 34 in custody in Istanbul while nation-wide arrests ......

28 April 2006 Friday

  • Prosecutor Appeals Against Four Columnists
    Bagcilar prosecutors office appeals against court decision dropping charges for four prominent Turkish columnists for criticizing a decision to ban 2005 ......
  • New Terror Bill Takes All Citizens Terrorist
    17 NGOs demand new Anti-Terror Law be withdrawn, say they themselves will be treated as unarmed terrorist organizations.TIHV says bill means ......
  • Rice Leaves Ankara Pleased
    Prof. Dr. Dedeoglu: Chaotic conditions not in interests of USA. America concerned over risk of independent Kurdistan in Iran. Military buildup ......

26 April 2006 Wednesday

25 April 2006 Tuesday

24 April 2006 Monday

20 April 2006 Thursday

  • New Anti-Terror Bill Incites More Violence
    Turkeys new Anti-Terror Bill is at Parliament. MAZLUMDERs Bilgen says Tightening democratic rights will fire-back. Rights advocates are being punished. Everyone ......
  • Endless Trials of Publisher Zarakolu
    Belge Publications House owner Ragıp Zarakolu was once again at court this week, this time on trial for Prof. Dr. Sakayans ......
  • Tuzla Pollution Suspects Released
    Four suspects allegedly involved in burying hundreds of barrels of dangerous solid waste are released due to lack of law. Attorney ......
  • 6 Months Jail for Broadcaster Ozic
    Adana court sentences Ejder Ozic to six months imprisonment under article 301 for radio broadcast that even court prosecutor and Court ......

19 April 2006 Wednesday

18 April 2006 Tuesday

17 April 2006 Monday

14 April 2006 Friday

13 April 2006 Thursday

12 April 2006 Wednesday

  • Majority of Unschooled Children Are Girls
    In a written reply to a motion in Parliament, Minister od Education Çelik said that 72 percent of the unschooled children ......
  • Murat Belge Still on Trial
    Citing statue of limitation an Istanbul court dropped charges against four leading Turkish columnists tried for publicly criticizing court decision to ......
  • Serious Measures Needed Against Pollution
    Discovery of hundreds of barrels containing dangerous solid waste in Tuzla boosts concerns. CMO Istanbul branch says its heedlessness for those ......
  • Court Dismisses PM Libel Case
    Ankara 18th Civil Court of First Instance rejects PM Erdogans libel claim against Ortadogu newspaper and journalist Saracoglu for branding him ......
  • Peace Activists Echo CEPA Call to PKK
    Peace activists discuss steps for a peaceful solution to the Kurdish Question in the wake of 153 CEPA deputies call to ......
  • Charges Dropped Against 4 of 5 Columnists
    The Committee to Protect Journalists in a public statement welcomes a Turkish court ruling on Tuesday to drop charges against four ......

11 April 2006 Tuesday

10 April 2006 Monday

07 April 2006 Friday

06 April 2006 Thursday

04 April 2006 Tuesday

03 April 2006 Monday

27 March 2006 Monday

23 March 2006 Thursday

  • Eren Keskin to Serve in Prison
    Human rights activist Keskin has been sentenced to prison for publicly insulting the army for her allegations about rape. Although the ......

22 March 2006 Wednesday

17 March 2006 Friday

16 March 2006 Thursday

14 March 2006 Tuesday

  • 302 Letters to Guldunya
    Kizmaz, who wrote: Dear Guldunya, women in this country dont receive letters, won the Calling out to Guldunya letter competition. Your ......

10 March 2006 Friday

09 March 2006 Thursday

08 March 2006 Wednesday

01 March 2006 Wednesday

20 February 2006 Monday

17 February 2006 Friday

  • Article 301 Now Sentencing Unionists!
    A Tunceli court has sentenced Bekmezci, the Egitim-Sen offical for making a statement about murdered taxi-driver Akdag; and unionist Ser, for ......

14 February 2006 Tuesday

10 February 2006 Friday

  • Writer Hrant Dink Acquitted
    Hrant Dink, editor of the Armenian language magazine Agos -who was among eight writers, journalists and publishers accused of insult and ......

08 February 2006 Wednesday

06 February 2006 Monday

03 February 2006 Friday

01 February 2006 Wednesday

  • Blue Ribbon Against Child Violence
    The Pediatrics Association has launched Blue Ribbon Campaign to prevent violence against abuse and negligence of children. The Association stated that ......

30 January 2006 Monday

27 January 2006 Friday

  • Pamuk Case Dropped But
    Comittee to Protect Journalists warns: Maybe the authorities hoped that by dismissing the case against an author like Orhan Pamuk Turkeys ......

26 January 2006 Thursday

20 January 2006 Friday

06 January 2006 Friday

29 December 2005 Thursday

  • 22 Journalists Are Facing Jail
    The reforms in the penal code have not saved Turkish journalists from the threat of jail. The number of journalists and ......