09 February 2005 Wednesday

08 February 2005 Tuesday

07 February 2005 Monday

  • Death Under Custody Confirmed
    Bones unearthed after confessions of former paramilitary JITEM member Aygan belongs to Murat Aslan, lost during custody 10 years ago. The ......
  • Bombastic Discourse, Little Progress
    PM Erdogan praises US-Turkey friendship during talks with Condolleza Rice: Our strategic alliance perpetuates in a mature and positive manner. These ......
  • Textbooks Should be Cleansed of Nationalism
    History Foundation, Turkish Academy of Sciences (TUBA) and Human Rights Foundation of Turkey (TIHV) announce their proposal to cleanse textbooks of ......

04 February 2005 Friday

  • Alevite Demands Turned Down
    HUman Rights Association sharply criticizes Ankaras Çankaya district administration with denying land allocation for construction of an Alevite temple, Cemevi, in ......
  • Anything But Tunceli on News in Zaza Language
    Tunceli, homeland of Zazas of Turkey, is yet to be heard in programs in Zaza language broadcasted by TRT while various ......

03 February 2005 Thursday

31 January 2005 Monday

  • PM to Investigate Death Under Custody
    The Human Rights Directorate of the Prime Ministry launches investigation to look into charges that a Gokhan Belguzar was tortured to ......
  • Reporters Face Prison Sentences
    Arrested during a demonstration in early January organized by the Socialist Platform of the Oppressed, BEKSAV cameraman Kervanci and six employees ......
  • Turkey Without Handicaps
    The Turkish Association of the Handicapped is launching the Turkey Without Handicaps project. The project aims at raising awareness about the ......

27 January 2005 Thursday

  • Trials Against Writers Raises Concerns
    International PEN, expresses concerns for the prosecutions of writer Fikret Baskaya and publisher Ragip Zarakolu. The two are faced with prison ......

25 January 2005 Tuesday

19 January 2005 Wednesday

18 January 2005 Tuesday

12 January 2005 Wednesday

  • Journalists; Most Educated and Unorganized
    The media sector, with its 60 hours-a-week shifts, state-issued cards that are only handed to sex workers and journalists, connections with ......
  • Children of Turkey in 2004
    During 2004 child negligence and homelessness were frequently covered. The Juvenile Justice System failed to be implemented. Child labor and the ......
  • Women Insecure at Home, at Work, on Street
    Women unionists, after a recent tape case, urge the government introduce protective measures to safegurad women workers from sexual harassment. Nurse ......

05 January 2005 Wednesday

29 December 2004 Wednesday

  • Nomad Guards of Doganli Camp
    Now-nonexistent Uzundere people have changed 4 villages in 9 years. They drink water of the nearby villages well and live in ......

20 December 2004 Monday

17 December 2004 Friday

15 December 2004 Wednesday

  • My Grandmother Heranus
    During the 1915 Armenian deportation, Mrs. Heranus was forcibly taken away from her mother by soldiers. Her name was changed to ......

14 December 2004 Tuesday

  • Kurdish Demands Ahead of EU Summit
    200 Kurdish intellectuals living in Turkey and Europe, from Zana to Uzun, from Elci to Rojin, listed their demands ahead fo ......
  • Radio Trial Awaits Propaganda Ruling
    A court, handling the trial opened against Radyo Dunya for citing an announcement by the imprisoned PKK leader Ocalan, decided the ......
  • Being a Handicapped Feminist
    The disabled women congress is a first step toward helping women fight against not only problems arising from being disabled, but ......

13 December 2004 Monday

  • Writer Parlak Free Until Ruling
    Suna Parlak, a writer for the Ulkede Ozgur Gundem newspaper, who was detained for being a member of the outlawed Kongra-Gel ......
  • IHD: Parlaks Detention is Illegal
    The Human Rights Association said that the detention of Parlak, a writer for the Ulkede Ozgur Gundem newspaper, is illegal. It ......

10 December 2004 Friday

06 December 2004 Monday

03 December 2004 Friday

30 November 2004 Tuesday

29 November 2004 Monday

25 November 2004 Thursday

  • Prosperous Yet Unhealty
    Inhabitants of Turkeys most prosperous province Kocaeli, benefit from lesser health facilities than Turks living in the German city Dusseldorf, shows ......
  • Erdogan Questioned on Mass Grave
    INdependent Deputy Sirin handed a question motion to Prime Minister Erdogan about a mass grave found in Diyarbakir and claimed to ......
  • Mother Tongue Problem in Childrens Rights
    Prof. Polat said Turkey still didnt pass harmonization laws about the Childrens Rights Convention, 15 years after adopting it. According to ......
  • Two Children and a Man Killed
    It was the most recent of frequent explosions in Hakkari, an area heavily polluted by anti-personnel landmines and other unexploded ordinances ......
  • Anti-Landmine Campaign in Kurdish Region
    Its estimated that at least 50 people, mostly women and children, have died or been wounded this year alone as a ......
  • Torture Defendants are Mostly Acquitted
    The June, July and September reports of the Turkish Human Rights Foundation show that defendants facing charges of torture are mostly ......

18 November 2004 Thursday

  • A 30-day DEHAP punishment to Hakkari FM
    RTUK gives a 30-day closure to Hakkari FM because of Democratic People Partys chair Suvagcis words. In the program he condemned ......
  • AI: Judicial Remedies Against Tortures
    Cases against nine police officers from the Istanbul Anti-Terror Branch who were charged with torturing Yeter and 14 others in another ......
  • Five Women, 75 Men Engineers
    Women lawyers said MTA discriminated against women by employing 75 men and only five women. They called on women to spend ......
  • Torture was Set Free
    A court acquitted police officers Ismail Icen and Mustafa Yucel, who were being charged for torturing Daslik. Her lawyer appealed the ......

11 November 2004 Thursday

09 November 2004 Tuesday

05 November 2004 Friday

04 November 2004 Thursday

  • Court Lifts The RTÜK Ban on Local Radio
    3rd Administrative Court in Adana lifted the ban on the local Radyo Dünya for airing Kurdish music during a Turkish language ......
  • Draft Law Legalizes Torture
    The Draft Law on Execution of Penalties, introducing forced labor, uniforms, defining silent protests as disciplinary crimes and imposing solitary confinement ......

02 November 2004 Tuesday

28 October 2004 Thursday

27 October 2004 Wednesday

22 October 2004 Friday

  • Greens: Reform and Trust Key to EU
    The Green Group in the European Parliament, in a public statement after 3-day meeting in Istanbul, encourages Turkish government for further ......

20 October 2004 Wednesday

19 October 2004 Tuesday

18 October 2004 Monday

15 October 2004 Friday

11 October 2004 Monday

07 October 2004 Thursday

  • IPA Calls for Amendment to Penal Code
    International Publishers Association sent a letter to the Presidency of the EU and the Commission seeking their assistance in calling upon ......

06 October 2004 Wednesday

05 October 2004 Tuesday

30 September 2004 Thursday

29 September 2004 Wednesday

27 September 2004 Monday