04 July 2005 Monday

01 July 2005 Friday

29 June 2005 Wednesday

27 June 2005 Monday

21 June 2005 Tuesday

17 June 2005 Friday

16 June 2005 Thursday

  • Basic Education Up to the Charitable
    The government, via tax allowances, leaves it up to the charitable to provide basic education needs. Milliyet newspaper is organizing the ......

15 June 2005 Wednesday

13 June 2005 Monday

10 June 2005 Friday

  • Reporters Attacked in Istanbul
    DIHA Reporters Suna and Bozkurt were attacked by a group of extreme nationalists as they were covering a clash between leftist ......

09 June 2005 Thursday

07 June 2005 Tuesday

  • Media Just Exhibits Honor Crimes
    According to a research by the UNFPA media is acting irresponsibly in its coverage of honor crimes and only paying attention ......

31 May 2005 Tuesday

18 May 2005 Wednesday

09 May 2005 Monday

  • NGOs will Now Have Their Voices Heard!
    A total of 121 NGO representatives from 21 provinces attended BIA²s communication training seminar for rights organizations. NGOs, which criticized the ......

03 May 2005 Tuesday

28 April 2005 Thursday

26 April 2005 Tuesday

  • 1915s Memory Confuses Turks
    Turkish public gives vexed reactions regarding the heated debate on Armenian Question. While some propose: Lets recognize what had happened in ......
  • Women of Turkey-Greece Join World March
    The European leg of the Worlds Women March, that began on March 8 in Brazil for campaigning against gender based violence ......

25 April 2005 Monday

  • NGOs Can Change the Media
    NGO representatives, who attended the BIA ² projects training seminar for the rights organizations in Izmir, discussed their relations with the ......
  • Children Call The Goverrnment to Disarm
    In the 23 April Childrens Holiday, 728 children across the country draw and paint for disarmament, in Amnesty International campaign and ......
  • AI Calls for Retrial of Torturers
    Acquittal of police officers charged with subjecting in 1999 Nazime Ceren Salmanoglu, then 16 years old, and Fatma Deniz Polattas, then ......

22 April 2005 Friday

21 April 2005 Thursday

19 April 2005 Tuesday

18 April 2005 Monday

  • NGOs Want to Convey their Messages
    30 rights organizations attended the seminar, where Ugur, Gumrah, Gokcen and Onderoglu made presentations on rights organizations, globalization and becoming influential ......

14 April 2005 Thursday

13 April 2005 Wednesday

  • Nationalist Violence Spreads
    Aggression erupts in Sakarya yesterday, in the wake of nationalist violence targeted at supporters of prisoners rights group TAYAD in Trabzon ......

12 April 2005 Tuesday

11 April 2005 Monday

  • Cant Do With or Without the Media
    44 NGO representatives from 11 provinces attended the first Training for Rights Organizations by BIA². We most of the time are ......

08 April 2005 Friday

  • Local Reporters Discuss Flag Crisis
    BIA2 Project held its sixth local media training seminar in Mersin. Attendants listened to presentations and participated in workshops on rights ......

05 April 2005 Tuesday

01 April 2005 Friday

  • Survey on Problems of Homosexuals
    Lambdaistanbul is planning to conduct a survey on violence and discrimination against homosexuals. The survey will be a first in Turkey. ......
  • Threatened Lawyer Charged with Defamation
    Defamation charges have been brought against lawyer Aygun, for saying The Gendarme Commander threatened me in the presence of Tunceli deputies; ......

29 March 2005 Tuesday

28 March 2005 Monday

  • Prime Minister Sues Newspaper
    Prime Minister Erdogan sues Gunluk Evrensel newspaper for publishing the slogans of privatized paper factory SEKA workers. He seeks 15,000 new ......

25 March 2005 Friday

  • Magazine Sued for Erdogan Caricatures
    Prime Minister Erdogan sued the owner and the publisher of the Penguen humor magazine for depicting him as an elephant, giraffe, ......
  • Gendarme Blocks Human Rights Delegation
    Gendarme prevented an IHD delegation from entering a village of Nusaybin, where they intended to investigate allegations that a 13-year-old shepherd ......
  • Confederation Isnt the Solution
    Ocalans proposal to form a confederation without a sovereign state, wasnt found feasible. Kurdish intellectuals, who are distant to PKK: Fantasy. ......

22 March 2005 Tuesday

21 March 2005 Monday

11 March 2005 Friday

  • Freedom of Expression Cases Continue
    Camyar and Ilhan have been released. The Supreme court of appeals introduced a broader outline for freedom of expression. Demirtas was ......

08 March 2005 Tuesday

  • AI Denounces Police Brutality Against Women
    Denouncing police brutality against peaceful demonstrations by women for International Womens Day, Amnesty International calls on the Turkish authorities to ensure ......

07 March 2005 Monday

02 March 2005 Wednesday

01 March 2005 Tuesday

  • Prime Minister Sues Caricaturist Kart
    Journalists and caricaturists continue to criticize the Prime Minister Erdogan who sued caricaturist Kart of Cumhuriyet daily for drawing him as ......

24 February 2005 Thursday

17 February 2005 Thursday

09 February 2005 Wednesday

08 February 2005 Tuesday

07 February 2005 Monday

  • Death Under Custody Confirmed
    Bones unearthed after confessions of former paramilitary JITEM member Aygan belongs to Murat Aslan, lost during custody 10 years ago. The ......
  • Bombastic Discourse, Little Progress
    PM Erdogan praises US-Turkey friendship during talks with Condolleza Rice: Our strategic alliance perpetuates in a mature and positive manner. These ......
  • Textbooks Should be Cleansed of Nationalism
    History Foundation, Turkish Academy of Sciences (TUBA) and Human Rights Foundation of Turkey (TIHV) announce their proposal to cleanse textbooks of ......

04 February 2005 Friday

  • Alevite Demands Turned Down
    HUman Rights Association sharply criticizes Ankaras Çankaya district administration with denying land allocation for construction of an Alevite temple, Cemevi, in ......
  • Anything But Tunceli on News in Zaza Language
    Tunceli, homeland of Zazas of Turkey, is yet to be heard in programs in Zaza language broadcasted by TRT while various ......

03 February 2005 Thursday

31 January 2005 Monday

  • PM to Investigate Death Under Custody
    The Human Rights Directorate of the Prime Ministry launches investigation to look into charges that a Gokhan Belguzar was tortured to ......
  • Reporters Face Prison Sentences
    Arrested during a demonstration in early January organized by the Socialist Platform of the Oppressed, BEKSAV cameraman Kervanci and six employees ......
  • Turkey Without Handicaps
    The Turkish Association of the Handicapped is launching the Turkey Without Handicaps project. The project aims at raising awareness about the ......

27 January 2005 Thursday

  • Trials Against Writers Raises Concerns
    International PEN, expresses concerns for the prosecutions of writer Fikret Baskaya and publisher Ragip Zarakolu. The two are faced with prison ......

25 January 2005 Tuesday

19 January 2005 Wednesday

18 January 2005 Tuesday

12 January 2005 Wednesday

  • Journalists; Most Educated and Unorganized
    The media sector, with its 60 hours-a-week shifts, state-issued cards that are only handed to sex workers and journalists, connections with ......
  • Children of Turkey in 2004
    During 2004 child negligence and homelessness were frequently covered. The Juvenile Justice System failed to be implemented. Child labor and the ......
  • Women Insecure at Home, at Work, on Street
    Women unionists, after a recent tape case, urge the government introduce protective measures to safegurad women workers from sexual harassment. Nurse ......

05 January 2005 Wednesday

29 December 2004 Wednesday

  • Nomad Guards of Doganli Camp
    Now-nonexistent Uzundere people have changed 4 villages in 9 years. They drink water of the nearby villages well and live in ......

20 December 2004 Monday

17 December 2004 Friday

15 December 2004 Wednesday

  • My Grandmother Heranus
    During the 1915 Armenian deportation, Mrs. Heranus was forcibly taken away from her mother by soldiers. Her name was changed to ......