26 March 2004 Friday

25 March 2004 Thursday

  • Berlusconi Seeks a Media Group in Turkey
    Italian Prime Minister Berlusconis media group Mediaset announced that they were looking for media groups in different countries, including Turkey, for ......

24 March 2004 Wednesday

23 March 2004 Tuesday

22 March 2004 Monday

19 March 2004 Friday

18 March 2004 Thursday

17 March 2004 Wednesday

16 March 2004 Tuesday

12 March 2004 Friday

11 March 2004 Thursday

10 March 2004 Wednesday

09 March 2004 Tuesday

08 March 2004 Monday

  • Owner of Manner Magazine Arrested
    Muharrem Cengiz of Manner in the Culture and Arts World, magazine, was arrested at the Istanbul DGM where he went as ......
  • Press Trial Awaiting Decision
    Mutlu and Coskun, the directors of the monthly Dersim magazine, are facing a trial for violating the declaration by publishing Kurdish ......
  • Court has no Money for Stamps
    Ozic of Radyo Dunya cant appeal the one-year prison sentence he got for criticizing the motion to send Turkish troops to ......
  • Policemen Battering Journalist Investigated
    An investigation has been ordered about the police officers from the Beyoglu police station who detained and beat up reporter Hilmi ......

05 March 2004 Friday

  • CE Heads Toward Ending Turkey Monitoring
    Council of Europes Monitoring Committee of the Parliamentary Assembly recommends closing the monitoring procedure for Turkey. Ankara has fulfilled its obligations, ......

04 March 2004 Thursday

23 February 2004 Monday

17 February 2004 Tuesday

13 February 2004 Friday

11 February 2004 Wednesday

30 January 2004 Friday

  • Journalists Fined in Turd Case
    Journalists from the Yesil Gole, 23 Subat, and Kuzeydogu Anadolu newspapers, who were sued by Goles local official Gungor, were fined ......
  • Musician Tunc Questioned for DEP Article
    Musician Tunc, a writer for the daily Yeniden Ozgur Gundem, and chief editor Colak, are facing interrogations for an article they ......

27 January 2004 Tuesday

26 January 2004 Monday

23 January 2004 Friday

22 January 2004 Thursday

20 January 2004 Tuesday

19 January 2004 Monday

15 January 2004 Thursday

13 January 2004 Tuesday

09 January 2004 Friday

08 January 2004 Thursday

24 December 2003 Wednesday

23 December 2003 Tuesday

22 December 2003 Monday

19 December 2003 Friday

12 December 2003 Friday

  • Cyprus: Turkeys Key to the EU
    If the UBP wins, Cyprus will be pushed into a deeper problem. This would also complicate Turkeys EU bid. If the ......

10 December 2003 Wednesday

08 December 2003 Monday

  • Human Rights Record Still Bleak
    According to findings byTurkeys Human Rights Association (IHD), in spite of thorough reforms the number of torture and inhuman treatment cases ......

03 December 2003 Wednesday

  • 12th September on Trial Acquitted
    Ragip Zarakolu, owner of the Belge Publishing House was acquittted too. IPAs Alex.Krikorian and Kjell O. Jensen from Norvegian Pen attended ......

02 December 2003 Tuesday

  • IPA Attend Publisher Zarakolus Trial
    International publishers support turkish colleagues freedom to publish. Ragip Zarakolu is accused of incitement to hatred on the basis of class, ......

01 December 2003 Monday

24 November 2003 Monday

22 November 2003 Saturday

21 November 2003 Friday

  • Amnesty Condemns Bomb Attacks
    The deliberate killing of civilians has no justification and violates fundamental principles of international law, Amnesty International stressed. ...

20 November 2003 Thursday

  • 25 Killed, 390 Wounded in Two Blasts
    In two simultaneous explosions in HSBC Bank headquartes in Istanbuls financial district Levent and in the British Consulate in Beyoglu district ......

18 November 2003 Tuesday

  • K.D. is Dead
    She could not be salvaged. She was buried today after a ceremony organized by the Womens Platform. She was only 15. ......

17 November 2003 Monday

14 November 2003 Friday

13 November 2003 Thursday

  • Peace Desk Wasnt Understood
    Arpat from KATAGI, said the125 women, who now stand trial because they wanted to set up a Peace desk, could not ......
  • Earthquake Victims Detained
    The earthquake victims spent the fourth anniversary of the Marmara earthquake under detention in Ankara. They demand that the government allocates ......
  • Deporting Kurdish Boat PeopleArouses Protests
    Refugee support groups are calling the Australian governments success in towing a fishing boat carrying 14 Kurdish men from Turkey back ......

12 November 2003 Wednesday

11 November 2003 Tuesday

  • KADEK Dissolves
    The PKK changed its name to KADEK in April 2002 and vowed to pursue democratic means to resolve the conflict with ......

06 November 2003 Thursday

05 November 2003 Wednesday

04 November 2003 Tuesday

28 October 2003 Tuesday

  • Journalist Jailed for Second Time
    journalist Kara, who was incarcerated yesterday in Urla prison to begin serving a one-year prison sentence passed in June by Turkeys ......
  • US&UK War Crimes Wil Be Tried
    The idea of bringing the US&UK war crimes to international justice gains international support. An international group of jurists, scholars and ......

27 October 2003 Monday

  • Annul the Motion for Women
    Womens Commission of the Bar Association demanded that Turkish troops are not sent to Iraq and that womens rights of equality, ......

24 October 2003 Friday

22 October 2003 Wednesday

  • EU Formula for Unemployment
    The implementation of the Active Labour Market Strategy Programme has now started. 40 Million Euro EU support is available for the ......

20 October 2003 Monday

17 October 2003 Friday