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26 August 2007 Sunday

  • ADL Retracts Genocide Recognition
    Following pressure by Turkey and Israel, the US-based Anti-Defamation League has retracted its recognition of the "Armenian genocide" and has instead ......

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  • Gül's Candidacy: Compromise Expected
    Despite the CHPs strong reaction towards Güls announcement of his renewed candidacy, academics Tosun and Baskaya have interpreted recent developments as ......
  • CHP Threatens to Snub Gül
    CHP vice chairperson Özyürek has stated that the CHP will not enter parliament for the presidential elections. Should Gül become president, ......
  • Mixed Feelings About Gül in the Streets
    A survey of people in the streets of Karaköy and Tophane, in central Istanbul, showed that there were mixed feelings about ......
  • Gül: I Will Embrace Everyone
    Abdullah Gül has formally applied to the parliament presidency for his candidacy. In a press statement he said that he would ......

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  • Orhan Pamuks 301 Case Dropped
    The Supreme Court of Appeals has affirmed the decision of the Sisli 2nd Penal Court to drop the case against writer ......
  • Police Explains Torture: Victim Fell
    The Istanbul Police Department is denying that two police officers tortured lawyer Muammer Öz in Kadikoy, claiming that the victim fell ......

03 August 2007 Friday

02 August 2007 Thursday

  • Hands Off Our Water!
    The government is planning to solve the current water crisis through privatisation. However, environmental engineer Tuncaelli calls for water services to ......
  • Oran to Appeal to ECHR on Elections
    Prof. Dr. Baskin Oran, who had stood as an independent candidate in Istanbul but who did not get elected, has decided ......
  • ECHR Decides in Karatepe and Ulusoy Cases
    The ECHR has decreed that the punishment of journalist Ziya Ulusoy was unfounded. However, the penalization of former Kayseri mayor Sükrü ......

01 August 2007 Wednesday

  • Republican Rallies in Vain
    What stuck most in mind after Republican Rallies was how many women had taken part. We have asked women about their ......
  • Full List of New MPs
    The election results have been finalised. There will be 549 MPs in the 23rd parliament. 341 from the AKP, 112 from ......
  • Buyukanit: No Effects on Elections
    The Chief of General Staff, General Yasar Büyükanit, has claimed that he believes that the e-memorandum did not affect the results ......
  • Shooters at Dink Ceremony Released
    Two men who had been caught firing shots during the 40th day commemoration mass for murdered journalist Hrant Dink have been ......

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